Lie Detector Test - Is It Reliable or Not?

A polygraph test is the kind of machine that is used to conduct a lie detector test. There are many kinds of polygraph machines and they vary in the way they conduct the tests or they have a wide range of features to offer. Some of these machines may be more sensitive compared to the others, which is important because they can pick-up easily even the slightest variation in the vitals of the subject. However, the end result is still the same, which is not very reliable to read on if the subject is really telling the truth or not.

A lie detector test can work on the varying vitals in a person, which include the heart rate, pulse rate, blood pressure and breathing patterns. When you are comfortable during the process, generally, the vitals being taken will just stay pretty close to the resting level. However, even the slightest excitement being felt will cause the vitals to spike. Some of the emotions that can affect the excitement in a subject include happiness, stress, happiness, or pretty much any other emotion. Visit us at for more details.

The polygraph machine tracks your vital signs during the lie detection process, which will begin by asking a few general questions. The subject should have no reason to lie because only general information, such as the name, age or address, is asked. The hard questions will follow, which will only spike when the subject is lying or it will just remain steady if the person is telling the truth.

Unless both parties agree that the test should be admitted, even if someone takes the test, the result of may not be acknowledged in any court proceedings. Giving the idea for certain people to take the test, it will not really be helpful in an actual court case. There are many tricks on how to beat the lie detector test. One should also consider that some people are not really guilty about something they have done while others actually believe that they do not lie. The machine will find it incredibly difficult to tell if the person is lying or not. There are some individuals who feel really stressed when they are being investigated for a certain crime. The situation may cause sudden changes in their vitals and this could result to a spike in the machine. The result of the test can be positively false because of the level of stress that they feel. Check us out at for additional details.

Many scientists claim that the result of the lie detector test is not always reliable. According to the reports of the American Psychological Association, the idea of detecting a person's veracity by monitoring psychophysiological changes is considered more of a myth than a reality. For more facts and info regarding lie detectors, you can go to .